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hello dead journal that I am posting to from work.

what a long time it's been.

much has happened.

tell you about it,


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goings on:

-Moved to Boyden with Kate. House is snug as a rug. Cats to join us soon.

-got a pay raise and some backaches at work. 1 more week of holiday bullshit. serious bonus coming soon.

-leaving for a week, tour with The Helm. returning to go about life, record, and get a weekend in February with Merrimac ready.

other than combating a strange illness, all's well and good. Some would say 'great' even.
I have 50 Oak & Bone shirts to roll and tape and 50 CDR's to design and print. and some other projects. Good evening to you all.

Current Mood: busy
Current Music: Slavescene - Side Retainer

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this winter:

and back.
I'm getting ahead of myself and feel like a huge giddy nerd, but some of my favorite times touring were in the dead of winter. I look forward to shredding my throat and bruising my knuckles.

Current Mood: optimistic optimistic

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I would like to state for the record and for my future reminiscences, that this is the best autumn I've ever experienced.

I received a shotgun, socks, a coffee grinder, and meals for my birthday. excellent.
I've vacationed from Syracuse numerous times.
I played a successful weekend (a rare triumph) with my band and Mistletoe where excellent pictures such as this were taken.

I have spent many quality times with Kate, each passing day/week/month proving to be a reason to be thankful to just live.

and with plans on the horizon:
moving, visiting Maine, playing great shows locally, recording, touring with quality bands.

I just ate way too much pasta, had a beer too many with Shawn and talked to Amber more in the past few hours than I have in the past few months. I'm going to rearrange my dwelling and pass out now.

Current Mood: drunk drunk
Current Music: Fucked Up - The Chemistry of Common Life

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"It's a flesh wound. But if you don't get me what I need the last thing you'll see before I make your children orphans is the bullet I put between her eyes."

Liam Neeson is such a fucking badass.

Current Mood: cold cold

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Last weekend I saw The Jesus Lizard and others for free, breathed real air, hung out with Kate and essentially had one of the best weekends of my life.

The past few days I've been working an absurd amount and receiving an ongoing, intense crash course in my new position. 11 and 1/2 hour shifts...unreal.

"Today" I am technically 23 and am taking a day off that I think I've actually earned.

Oak & Bone has too much going on this fall. I need to learn to use my voice better.

I am fixing problems and taking care of the near and dear, here and now.

I'm trying to ignore the shit that is just NOT worth it.

23. Tired and broke. Happy as a clam. Busy as a hive of bees.
Nothing further to report.

Current Mood: drained drained
Current Music: Kyuss

My day got cut short by a guy my age escorting me from the SU dorms for flyering on Recess' behalf. Bummer.
Apparently Joe Biden was speaking at SU today, you'd think heightened security would be seeking out worse potential threats. In any event, I got flyers for my show out there and a good chunk of Recess stuff. They hooked me up with some more treats and coupons to give out.

Practice today, but I'll barely be there. I'm doing sound for the Fight Amp show I guess which means no PA at practice. double-bummer.

I'm looking forward to skipping tomorrow and proceeding to Friday though I suppose there will be a few good things in store in the next 24 hours.

Killing some time with a recycled survey:
If you have and MP3/iPod, put in on shuffle and...
01. Full Spectral Dominance by Mind Eraser
02. Nail Spitter by Pusher
03. Water Planes in Snow by Chin Up Chin Up
04. Rid Self Condemnation by Phobia
05. Witch Weed by Bongzilla
06. Complications by Iron Lung
07. Raze the Stray by Neurosis
08. Tundra/Desert by Modest Mouse
09. Humidifier by Unsane
10. Sick and Tired by Outbreak
11. Blood Money by Eyehategod
12. Shmnna by Helms Alee
13. Amphetamine Hollow Tip by Discorance Axis
14. Day of the Deadringers by Mclusky
15. Untitled by Divisions

Why do you like the 1st song? That the heavy/sludgey-ness fades IN.
Who does the 2nd song remind you of? Missing my only shot at seeing that band.
Name your favorite lyric from the 3rd song: No thanks. I really don't like any of those songs from that album. Too much focus on the weakest parts of that band.
Do you have any special memories attached to the 4th song? Not really. Although I suppose it reminds me of the supreme satisfaction I felt seeing them in Philly.
Does/would your grandmother like the 6th song? Dead people don't care much for anything in the way of music, but most living older folk wouldn't care for Iron Lung either.
What did you think when you first heard the 7th song? "Yup. Sounds like it was written in the 90s alright."
What color does the 8th song remind you of? blue.
What is the 9th song about? Seeing as how I don't OWN this record (a problem for sure), I couldn't say. Possibly, a humidifer.
Does the 10th song get stuck in your head easily? it sure can. cheesy as hell.
Could you play the 11th song for a toddler and not feel guilty? I don't care for kids but I'm not into making them cry. Probably not.
Is the singer of the 12th song hot? No...but he IS the man.
What part of your life does the 13th song describe best? The coffee-related headaches and hyper anxiousness.
Does the 14th song have a cool video? probably not.
How old is the 15th song? Released 6 months ago, not sure when it was written.
Which of these is your favorite? Shmnna or Hollow Tip
Your least favorite? Water Planes in Snow.
Have any of these made you cry? Which ones? none.
Which is the most personal for you? eh.

Current Music: Iron Lung - Brain-Scan Exorcism

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Things are great. Which usually results in a lack of updates.
I've been getting too many lucky breaks and handouts again but I'm extremely grateful for them.
Good friends, good family, good people.

Oak & Bone is playing 4 shows this month, 3 being out of town with Mistletoe, then hopefully recording for our split.
Bill got a job, money for him soon. Hope him and Shawn can find a place before winter.
Kate is missed around here. I'll be seeing her soon though and then a week later she'll be seeing me. We may attempt to find a way to see The Jesus Lizard and David Cross for free. fingers crossed!
I'm drinking a Stone Smoked Porter for the first time in many months and enjoying it. I've come to see all beverages I consume 'habitually' or 'unhealthily' equally. Beer having nothing on me compared to coffee. Fine with it.
I ordered a bunch of crap. Soon I'll be spoiled with a hail of media mail.

I've taken the slow dive (durr) into full-time employment but apparently I'm already getting a break. Just working the door tomorrow night. Hopefully I can flyer or something relatively productive tomorrow, I hadn't planned on this.
My Dad's moving into his new house tomorrow. I probably should be helping. Maybe I will.
I'll know more when I wake up.

the switch got thrown for fall so quickly.
nothing has ever seemed so different and strangely comfortable, almost familiar.
but it's never been better than this.

Current Mood: relaxed relaxed
Current Music: Joy Divsion - Digital

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Kate was here for awhile.
Now she's not, as my wall calender indicates.
We spent nearly a week together consisting of many full, wonderful days. Except for my getting sick. I still have bouts of dizzyness every time I make a sudden move or change focus from one thing to another, but it's much better than all my bones aching and feeling the need to puke at the smell of food.
Tomorrow I work all day to make up for wussing out on this one.

I sold and shipped a textbook for $20.
I was given old soup.
I did some laundry.
EDIT: gave wrists a workout wringing a comforter instead. ugh.

An early episode of the X-Files features Seth Green in all his comedic wisdom.

I locked down a cool show for tour and googled my band (yeah, I know). A recent review on some site was positive and said we were a three-piece. whoops.

I have Sept.20th confirmed as the O&B/LW beg-a-thon.
I can feel fall coming.

Bill referred to Graham Reynolds as "Bam,dentals!" *fist in face motion*
also also:
he might get a job working with my brother. better than nothing.

days are ahead.

Current Music: Fucked Up - Son the Father

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This is a good place to gravitate to when I really need to write, have a lot of responses and communiques to work on, but can't quite seem to get started.

Things have been mostly up but the downs are intimidating.
knocking off lists, biking, cooking, being outside, and planning all feel really good.
multiple traffic tickets, foodstamp uncertainty and corporate scrutiny all make me really anxious.

at least the inquisition at work is over.
"So these drawers you don't use that often, you verify them every week or so, right?"
"uhm, I verify them every day.."
"good answer, that was a trick question"
"heh..oh good.."

I don't even want to get into the other stuff. I'll be glad in a couple weeks when both are over and I can deal with the results of each.

Looking forward to doing a weekend in September and hoping that coupled with the fundraiser show and working on the 7" will boost everyone's spirits about the band. I still have highly unrealistic expectations and I refuse to let our current setbacks be what stop us from reaching our goals. or maybe they're just my goals? that might be worth pondering..

I'm intensely looking forward to (and appropriately anxious about) spending the upcoming weekend with this wonderful girl.

Eating, drinking, wedding and finally getting to meet all her friends. A change of pace but an always welcome opportunity to spend more time together. This is one in a string of endless examples of how unexpected this summer is and has been, I'd never have seen any of this coming.

Bill Crate just interrupted my pause/daydreaming of places in the United States with a phone call from downstairs.
"What's in the jar on the top shelf of the fridge that looks like coke or soy sauce? I got about 3/4 though drinking it before I realized it was neither of those."
"You mean my coffee??"
"oh...well it tasted disgusting."

why DO I believe everything?
these are things I don't remember but need to. my personal time-line is so blurred. godDAMN you Florida for stealing my book of good memories and impressing so many bloodless BAD ones.
write it out.
write it down.
drink black coffee.
stare at the wall.

Current Mood: thoughtful thoughtful
Current Music: Menomena - E. Is Stable

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